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Friday, July 10, 2009


Despite my complaining, I'm actually quite excited for our impending move. Not so much for the move itself, but for the decorating and organizing that will come with our new place, not to mention the additional 100 square feet. I've been busy collecting inspiration and I'm hoping to convince Mr. Diagnosis Deferred that the one thing that has been missing in our lives is a chalk-boarded painted kitchen! (And a tiny French Bulldog with his own wardrobe that will fit perfectly into our lives now that we are moving to a pet friendly building.)

Inspiration via Taza.


Kristen Sara said...

My favorite part about moving is the chance to clean, get rid of stuff and decorate a new place! Have fun!

Jenny.Lee said...

I have never seen a kitchen painted entirely that way. I really like it and the bulldog too of course. :)

bananas. said...

genius! i love it!!! i think i might have to copy. oh and get the bulldog. they are too cute.

Bridechka said...

That is a really cool idea.

ps: i love bulldogs, even their snorts are too cute!

Keg Design said...

that kitchen rocks - i love the chalk board idea!