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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello, old friends.

If "thinking about blogging" counted as "blogging," 40 days certainly would not have passed since my last post.  But, alas... it does not.

I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog-o-sphere, and to be truthful, I've not yet decided whether or not to return.  Since my wedding, I've felt a bit lost for content.  I'm no longer spending hours trolling the web for wedding related inspiration and as a result, I've felt less inspired to contribute to my blog.  What the hell is there to talk about anymore?  I highly doubt "What I ate, What he ate" is terribly riveting material that my readers would miss sorely.

Plus, I recently got a new job (Hooray!) with lots of responsibilities and I'm studying for a licensing exam in my field.  Mr. DD has added an Ivy League Executive MBA program (I'm so proud of him.) to his already full plate, prompting me to busy myself with friends and projects and extra-curriculars so I'm not sitting in front of the TV eating my dinner off a tray and drinking red wine by the bottle every night of the week.

Decisions, Decisions...