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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

shameless plug.


i heart valentines day.

it's so uncool to love valentine's day. most people roll their eyes and complain about how contrived and commercialized february 14th is. i, on the other hand, love, love, love the day. i am that really annoying person who wears pink and paints her nails all shades of red. i can't help myself. i like making a big deal out of the day for my neice. i always send her a big package full of stuff. though this year i was in a bit of a hurry and i tossed the "valentines day tattoos" in my cart without thoroughly inspecting them. it wasn't until i was packing her box that i realized that half of them are totally inappropriate for a 6 year old; "too hot!" "super sexy!" "flirt with me!" thank god i caught that before i put them in the mail!

working really hard

on identifying what it is i would like to change/modify about myself and i'm diving right into each of those things. 43 things has been great at motivating me to do so. i'm sleeping less, getting more done, meditating everyday, sending letters, organizing my living space, not biting my cuticles, etc, etc, etc. i may not be fully successful at these endeavors yet, but i am making progress everyday.
for the first time in my life i am feeling quite a bit of guilt about having 3 days off/week. the fact that my fiance works like a crazy person (law school) is a huge part of this guilt. i feel awful that i have so much free time and he has so little. by taking on all these projects and working on improving myself i'm helping to alleviate some of the stress that this free time has created.
i know that when i have no free time to speak of i will wish i had been more appreciative of what i have now.... can't win.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


of late i have become obsessed with i have found it really motivational. once you publicly share the things that you would like to work on it feels as if you are obligated to make an effort. plus you can add entries about your things as well as post photos. it's a lot of fun despite it being a huge time waster.

Friday, February 03, 2006

it's so odd

i feel this intense pressure to post, regardless of whether or not i even have anything to say. i'm not sure why i am putting these stipulations on myself. i clearly have no audience, i can't claim its for the satisfaction of my insatiable readers...
my most recent hobby is this. though its quite the time waster, i also find that it can be helpful in motivating me to keep up with the things that i claim to want to work on. we'll see how it goes.

Monday, January 30, 2006

here goes nothing.

so, i've officially hopped on the blogging bandwagon. oddly, i've never had even the slightest bit of interest in blogging. then about a week ago it occured to me that perhaps a blog would provide me with a creative outlet in which i could speak (type) freely about the events in my life without anyone a) being offended b) offering me unsolicited advice c) feeling obligated to listen when they really could care less. i figure that a blog is a space that people can easily turn their back on when they get tired of listening and no one gets their feelings hurt. my life is fairly ordinary and mundane. perhaps not even blogworthy. i guess only time will tell.