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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shameless plug

I can't keep it to myself.  Alba Multi-purpose Un-petroleum Jelly has changed my life.  There's a short list of cosmetics that I can claim to have done this and Alba's jelly is my newest find.
Every night I apply it around my eyes and to my lips and cuticles.  Every morning I wake up a new girl.  Ok, not a completely new girl, but I swear this stuff done wonders.  Mr. DD teases me about the sheen on my face as I climb into bed, but I don't even mind. 
If you live in NYC, you can usually find it in Whole Foods or some health food shops.  You will die.


Maria said...

For some reason the circles under my eyes have just gotten darker - definite no no since the wedding is next week! I use Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer to help a bit but I'll definitely try to add this to my routine. Thanks for the plug! Totally not shameless.

~KS said...

Count me in... I love trying new wonder products!!

Collins said...

Um...I am going to have to go out and find this. Sounds fantastic! Just found your blog today and have already given you an award..check it out!