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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I die.

Sometimes Mr. Diagnosis Deferred and I play a little game called "Indulgence." The premise is simple; if money were no object, what would we spend it on... Nothing is too extravagant and no shaming of one's choices is allowed. Mr. DD's choices are usually golf related (an indoor putting green, weekly lessons with a pro). Mine often include things like a personal chef or private pilates instruction. And always, without fail, weekly extravagant floral arrangements delivered directly to my apartment. This week I discovered (and subsequently developed a huge girl-crush on) the only acceptable choice for said weekly floral arrangements. Amy Osaba, I am in love with you. Those hanging arrangements? I've never seen anything like them and I literally gasped when I first laid eyes on them. Wow.
The only problem is your location. Would your lovely work survive the long trip from Atlanta to New York? Luckily, the game is called "Indulgence," I'm sure we can work something out that's mutually agreeable.

All photos by Our Labor of Love. Told ya Amy's got good taste.

Honestly though... have you ever seen more lovely and gorgeous flowers? I die.
Check out her blog for more crazy flower goodness.


~KS said...

What a fun game... fresh flowers would so be on my indulgence list too. And a personal chef..... and a personal stylist.

anna and the ring said...

My heart yearns for Amy to live in the UK!

I too swoon!

The Bean and I also play the indulgence game. His choices are usually couture suits and seriously expensive yachts!