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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you'll allow me just a moment.

The night that I met Mr. Diagnosis Deferred everything in my life changed dramatically and in a second.  I literally felt as though I'd had the wind knocked out of me, for weeks.  I couldn't quite catch my breath.  I stopped sleeping almost altogether, I felt like a different person.
You see, I had no intention of meeting the man of my dreams in a dark bar while accompanying a friend on a blind date.  In fact, I was engaged to someone else that fated June night.  Clearly, that situation wasn't going well and within moments of meeting Mr. DD, I was thinking to myself "Ohmygod.  This is what people have been talking about for all these years."  I had fooled myself into thinking that "just ok" was "good enough" and that there was no such thing as the romance and love that people wrote and spoke about.  And all of a sudden there it was, in front of my face and all mine. 
During those days, my besties joked that if Mr. DD slept with his mouth open wide enough I may try to crawl inside it and live in his body.  I became convinced that if we tried hard enough we could synchronize our heart beats.  On more than one occasion, he awoke to me staring intently at him as he slept.  He was just a little bit freaked out.  You can imagine my delight when I came across this picture.  It totally captures the way I felt, and still feel about my husband.  Love, love, love.

Ok, that's enough gushing for now.  I hope you don't mind me sharing.


Morgan said...

Very sweet post!

Marian said...

this is such a beautiful post that explains true love to the core. So moving!!

~KS said...

I love that you shared this... because it's such a beautiful story and a great reminder that love can happen... life is just too short to settle for so-so, or okay. I'm so happy you found him!

Kristin said...

I met the hubs while I was with my high school/college sweetheart. But, the feelings I felt for him I never felt for my ex. 2.5 years of blissful marriage and one precious little bambino later, I've never looked back!

chantelle said...

what a beautiful story! I feel the same way with my husband. I new right away it was something special. I'm happy that you have found something so few find.