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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Love your other how they need to be loved..."

Have you been reading the "Secrets to a Happy Marriage" posts on A cup of Jo? I hope so, they are all moving and heartwarming and wise and funny. I can't wait until I have secrets to my own happy marriage to share.
In the meantime, this one has really resonated with me. The quote is now taped to our bathroom mirror.


Kristen Sara said...

Sooo very true. And I love that you've taped it on your bathroom mirror :)

PDX Bride said...

This is the one that totally got me too!! It just makes so much sense. I talked to another woman this weekend about a book she read about the styles of love and how some people need physical, some verbal, some need presents or whatever . . . there are like 5 different styles . . . and this quote totally meshes with people needing love in different ways!!

holly-lynn said...

i love it, after leaving this comment i'm signing off my google reader & going to massage my hubs. thanks for the reminder! :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Wow, this quote is so profound. I think I may have to repost it myself. Thanks for sharing!