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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Met Gala: 2010

Yes!  Dear Blake, you are tan and lovely and your legs go on for days.  That dress is right up my alley.

Yes!  SJP, As far as I am concerned, you can do no wrong.  Ever.  Let's cut to the chase already and be BFFs.

Yes!  Dear adorable-little-nugget-from-that-movie-about-the-awkward-teenage-magician, I've never seen your films, but you look adorable.

No!  Sienna!  What are you doing?  He's a pig and a creep and I thought you already learned your lesson.  Run for your life!


bananas. said...

a. freakin BEYOND jealous of blake's body. no fair!

b. SJP is carrie in my book and therefore my hero.

c. emma's dress makes me want to get married just so i can wear it.

d. siena will learn. i think she's using him this time.

Marian said...

Blake killed it- KILLED IT- with that dress.

Keg Design said...

i love siena's look! so great...