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Monday, May 24, 2010

Cleanse me.

A 4-day getaway to West Palm Beach with a yoga instructor will make you do crazy things. On Thursday, we leave for Florida to spend Memorial Day with some dear friends. She is wonderful and sweet and... a yoga instructor with a sick body that I have to lay next to in a bikini. So, I am using this trip as an excuse to finally try the BluePrint Cleanse. Three days, 5 juices per day.  Nothing else.  No caffeine, no alcohol, no solid foods. 
Anyway, SJP is a devotee and if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me.  Wish me luck, the torture begins this morning!

(This weekend, I had to "prepare" for my cleanse but cutting back on caffeine and sugar and meat and dairy and alcohol, so cleansing was certainly on my mind.  On Saturday night I dreamed that it arrived at my apartment and I opened the box to find cartons of cigarettes.  I had mistaknely signed up for the "cigarette cleanse," where you smoke cigarettes all day every day, instead of the juice cleanse.  I was so relieved to wake up.)


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Too cool! All my best of luck with the juice/cigarette cleanse!

You have to let us know how it goes! Happy Memorial day!

Kerri said...

Going to the beach and not having a pina colada or margarita...not sure I could do it! Good luck on your cleanse...sounds like you'll be with the right friend who will encourage you along the way!

Keg Design said...

Can't wait to hear about how it goes...

It's kind of enticing to me...

How does the stuff taste?!!!