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Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Thursday morning...

And I have successfully completed my 3-day cleanse.  I've lost 6 pounds and I feel surprisingly good.  The best news though, is that I haven't killed my husband.  I came close a few times.  On Monday when he ordered Italian and on Wednesday when he brought home Mexican.  But he's still alive... and so am I.

All in all, the BluePrint Cleanse wasn't terrible.  I was never even really that hungry.  Drinking a bottle of juice every 2 hours keeps you full.  So full, in fact, that I was often unable to finish a few of the bottles each day.  I did, however, start obsessing about food half-way through day 2.  Like, very literally fantasizing... about chips and salsa.

I'm heading to West Palm this afternoon for a much needed getaway.  And I'm feeling far more confident about putting on my bikini.

Have a fabulous holiday weekend.  See you on the flip side :)


Morgan said...

I have no clue how you did that! I would never be able to but good for you! Have so much fun. :)

Melissa said...

All right. It is amazing how good you can feel after a cleanse. Great job.