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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We heart Vera

In the late 1930s, Mr. DD's grandfather joined forces with the artist Vera Neumann right here in New York City to create the very successful Vera Company.  Thanks to a recent revival of her work courtesy of Susan Seid, Vera and her famous ladybug are back.  I'm lucky enough to have a collection of her scarves and an original signed piece of art that she had given to our dear friend Marie as a gift.

So fun to see her things for sale at Anthropologie.  

And her things in print!

The furniture and rugs are quite possibly my favorites!!

And, I'm dying to pick up the new book about Vera from Anthrolpologie. 

So much color, so much fun.
Design sponge post about her work here.
Official Vera blog here.


Pretty Lovely said...

I adore that sofa! Great find!


Heather Taylor said...

I love the sofa, perfect for a new apartment!