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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Once, I was in a drugstore and the person in front of me told the cashier that he didn't need a bag.  The cashier nodded and replied, "save the trees, right?"  The drugstore only uses plastic bags and I believe that her comment was made in all seriousness.  But, I digress.

There is one green thing that I consistently do.  I carry my own grocery bags with me at all times.  With so many cute options, there's really no excuse.  In fact, I'm always looking for reasons to buy more.  These guys from baggu are my favorites:

Here's how they work:
Image above from here.

 They've got baby baggus for your lunch and regular sized baggus for your groceries or gym clothes and big, huge baggus.. for something big and huge.  All in adorable colors and patterns.  And they fold up nice and tiny.  Everywhere I go, people ask me where I got mine.  

I figure reusing my baggus cancels out the occasional purchase of a bottle of water.  Right?


drollgirl said...

i have similar bags at home and I HAVE TO START KEEPING THEM IN THE CAR! why do i forget? constantly? come on, brain! REMEMBER!!!

sorry for shouting. i have to get this right!

Maggie said...

I have quite the collection of Baggus as well. DC passed a bag tax and every plastic bag from retail stores costs the customer 5 cents, with the proceeds going to the Anacostia River foundation. Grocery stores, too. Smart, right? Sometimes Big Brother just had to mandate a change - people will respond. So to enforced making-a-difference!

Teresa said...

Genius. I wish NYC would hop on the bandwagon!