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Monday, October 19, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner in Detail

We hosted almost 125 people at a fabulous restaurant in the heart of Little Italy on August 21, the night before we were married.  It truly was a mini-wedding.  Outside, the streets were being decorated for The Feast of San Gennaro.  The night was cool and clear.  We had a private room upstairs.  The food was amazing, at least that's what they tell me.  There were many wonderful, hilarious, sweet stories shared by the people we love the most.
It was the perfect kickoff to our wedding weekend.

I have no idea what my father in law had just told me, but apparently, I could not believe it.

There were definitely some stories that would have been better untold... Mr. DD spoke at his rehearsal dinner 2 months after our's and let's just say.. payback's a bitch.

Compliments of our fabulous invitation goddess.
Junior Bridesmaid extraordinaire or the other love of my life.


We were so, so lucky to have our photographer at our rehearsal dinner to capture so many awesome moments.


Taylor Sterling said...

wow looks so fun! Congrats!

NuFlaiir said...

125 people for your rehearsal? Definitely sounds like a mini-wedding :-). How lucky to have your photographer around...Looks like you had lots of fun!!


bananas. said...

i love how you're cracking up in almost every picture. obviously, it was a good time :)

Emilia Jane said...

wow. that's larger than my wedding. now i'm really confused about who to invite to the rehearsal dinner. it's not just wedding party, siblings and parents?