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Friday, October 02, 2009

Look what Pretty Lovely is giving away...

By now you all know of my obsession with ABCD Designs.
Well, Pretty Lovely is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the 2 year anniversary! 

"The winner will receive a completely bespoke personal stationery design by
ABC Dragoo. You'll get 100 thick, creamy and luxurious folded and
channel scored custom designed cards. The package will also be finished
off with perfectly coordinating envelopes, of course! Want to know the
very best part? The winner gets to choose between holiday cards,
personal stationery cards, or thank you notes!"

It's easy to enter here. How amazing would it be to win some custom cards?? Good luck!


ABC Dragoo said...

Thanks a bunch for linking to our contest! I hope you win. I would be delighted to design something for you.

BE SURE to write what you would want (holiday cards, thank you notes or personal stationery notes) in your entry!

Warm regards,
ABC Dragoo

{The Perfect Palette} said...

awesome. thanks for sharing.