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Friday, August 07, 2009

Missing Blogger

Photo from eyetwist on flickr.

I've been a bit of a delinquent blogger of late. With 15 days to the wedding there are a million tedious tasks mounting. Add in tons of work obligations and social commitments and despite getting lots done, I'm feeling way overwhelmed. I head to Fire Island this afternoon for my bachlorette party and it couldn't come a day sooner.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Kristen Sara said...

You are more than forgiven... have a fabulous time at your party!!!

bananas. said...

have so much fun lady! you deserve it!!!

NuFlaiir said...

Hope you had fun at your bachlorette party !!!


Missa said...

Just stumbled across your blog today! Love it!

Hope you had a fantastic bachelorette party and good luck with your last few days before the wedding and your honeymoon :)

My bach party is next weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Planning the bach weekend in DC has been a great escape from wedding planning ;)