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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm in love with this wedding

And why wouldn't I be?
An orchid curtain.
A ginormous bridal party.
A cotton bouquet.
And a groom who wore the veil during the reception.
More here.


Jenny.Lee said...

How could you not be! Gorgeous, gorgeous details.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

oo me too :)

joy refurbished said...

Beautiful! Does your blog have an email link so I can add this post to the many many emails I have sent myself in attempts to make a file for my dream wedding?

anna said...

Swoon indeed!

P.S. New to your blog - I am loving it!

Maria said...

Hooray! Thanks for liking the idea for the menus - so far I have been second guessing myself this whole way (and lost out a bit on the invites) but now I'm so ready to take charge! Go right ahead and steal it - if you want any details on the fonts, let me know because I got most of them from and planning to get a couple more for it. I think I'll post what I have so far of the back side tonight.

Chris :: cisforcharmed said...

i'm in love with it too. i mean orchid curtain... gorg! ; )

Emily said...

Beautiful! I really like the cotton bouquet.