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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thinly veiled...

Ah, the question of the veil. Turns out that the second most important item, following the gown, is the veil... and I'm stumped.

Truth is, I never saw myself as a "traditional" veil kinda gal. I imagined that I'd forgo the whole thing and get married sans veil. Enter Katherine Heigl's wedding photos. It was love at first sight and I quickly decided it was birdcage or bust.

However, there I stood in the bridal shop, in my gown, feeling like a bride. "Let's try on a veil," suggested our associate. Before I could make a peep, my mother had her hands on a chapel length piping edged veil, and much to my surprise, I loved it. I felt wonderful in it, "just like a bride," and I was shocked. Of course, my gaggle of besties insisted that I try on a birdcage veil as well, much to my mother's dismay and it was just as I thought; terribly glamorous.

So here I am... totally torn between traditional and trendy.

This lovely birdcage is by qgdesigns and available on etsy.
This one is from OnceWed on

Another flickr find, via June Bug weddings. Aren't they fabulous?


Amanda B. Young said...

Wear the traditional veil to your ceremony and the birdcage to your reception! So you will get both feels and make everyone (including yourself!) happy!

Abbie said...

I agree with Amanda... you should be a 2 veil bride! It would be fun to switch it up.