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Thursday, March 11, 2010

This isn't the post where I bitch about my mother in law.

I arrived home this evening from a long, tiring first day of work to a message from my package room that there was a delivery for me.  Not only was I exhausted from the day, my butt was also sore.  See, this morning, I missed the last step as I left my building and I fell directly on my ass.  Luckily I wasn't hurt.  I was even able to laugh about it... but not as hard as my doorman.  After helping me up he pretty much became hysterical.  I mean, he literally couldn't stop laughing.  His face turned red and he snorted a few times.  I had to eventually intervene on my own behalf, "Yeah, ok, Frank.  It wasn't that funny...  No seriously.  Stop laughing.  Stop it!"  Not to mention this was the second fall I've taken this week.  The first taught me the valuable lesson that I need to either put that rubber stuff down under the new rug or stop taking the corners so fast... but, I digress.

 The stargazers on the left are from my hubs... cause that's how he rolls.

The point of the story is that my in-laws (read: my mother in law) sent me a gorgeous bouquet to celebrate my new job.  'Cause that's how she rolls.  I got so lucky in the in-law department and I'm sure of this because I have plenty of friends that didn't.  My in-laws are thoughtful and generous and accepting and just generally wonderful people.  Despite the fact that my mother-in-law is a phenomenal and accomplished cook, decorator, flower arranger, garderner, bird watcher, dog lover and travel enthusiast, she heartily applauds all of my (often lame) attempts at all things domestic.  She's also a voracious reader and more knowledgeable about everything from world events to real estate than almost anyone I know.  I heart her.

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Patience said...

Your inlaws are super sweet.