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Thursday, December 10, 2009

What he ate. What I ate.

My week:
Monday: Junior League cookie exchange party.  Tons of cookies, tons of food, tons of wine.  (The moment I arrived home from the cookie exchanged I dumped the entire most of my treats directly into Mr. DD's work bag.  I know if that much sugar is hanging around the kitchen, softly whispering my name, I'm certain to fall prey. Go me.)
Tuesday: Last pottery class.  Tons of food, tons of wine.
Friday: New student reception at Columbia Business School (Mr. DD is Ivy League bound!  More about this later).  Spouses are invited and I anticipate tons of food and wine.
Saturday: Charity Gala with Mr. DD.  Last year the food was ridiculous (but not as ridiculous as the fact that our table was next to Ivanka Trump's table!).
Monday: start all over again with more holiday madness.
What's a dieting girl to do?

This season has never been kind on the waistline, so I've been trying my best to be good when I can.  That means a lot of Frozen Diet meals.  When your freezer is stocked with them, you've really got no excuse.  Though, they really aren't much fun.

As if the season weren't enough, I am married to a man who couldn't gain an ounce if he tried.  His weight has not budged for over 10 years now.  Case and point?  We were sitting at a cafe in Italy during our 'moon eating pizza and pasta and drinking Peroni's and I looked at him and realized that he was losing weight.  My suspicions were confirmed when he told me that he had indeed lost 2.5 kilos in 10 days!  I, on the other hand, couldn't fit into the jeans I had worn on the flight over.  He chalked it up to "all of the activity"; walking, eating gelato, laying by the pool... Anyway- it's a chore beng married to someone who eats a termendous amount of anything his heart desires (usually veal, burgers and fried items) and never sees the effects.

In case you were looking for proof of my hard work: 

What he ate.  What I ate.

Chicken Parmesan.  Smart One's Lasagna Florentine.  We both had wine... don't judge me.

Egg and Bacon sandwiches with Home fries.  Fiber One bar

Chicken Stroganoff.  Smart One's Rice and Beans


Amanda B. Young said...

Hilarious! Love it. :) Hope it is/will pay off for you. I'm sure it will. And, I can totally relate because I've so been there.

P.S. Was just in NYC and would've sworn I saw you but then decided it was impossible. :) Oh and random question: What hospital do you work at?

Katy Mary said...

Too funny! My Boyfriend is skinny and eats more than anyone I've EVER seen!! Life just isn't fair sometimes :)