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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis the season.

I've been baking up a storm these days.  Between holiday parties and cookie exchanges, there's plenty to keep me busy.  Not to mention that I'm head over heels in love with my slow cooker.  I mean, I can't believe I've lived the first 30 years of my life without it.  It has single-handedly turned me into the wife of the year!
Here's what I've been up to:

Chocolate crinkles
Ready for mass distribution.
The recipe is available here.  The change I made was to dissolve a teaspoon instant espresso in the vanilla.  I always do this in chocolate recipes to enhance the flavor.

As for my beloved slow cooker, I've made everything with it, but here's my favorite recipe so far.

I know I shouldn't share my secrets, but since I love you all so much, I may as well.  It's terribly simple; 1/2 cup of chicken brother chopped onion, 2 chopped lemons, 4 crushed cloves of garlic, rosemary and a splash of orange juice.  Wash the chicken well, pat dry and cover with poultry seasoning. Cover and cook for 5 hours.  During the last hour, baste regularly and voila!  The perfect dinner!
And coming soon... My holiday party!
Here's a sneak peek... I swear, my fridge does not usually look like this.


sjhouser said...

I LOVE Chocolate Crinkles!! My aunt makes the best ones...I try to re-create them every Christmas...I'm getting close! Love the idea of adding the instant espresso...might have to test that out myself!

Suzanne said...

your cookies look delish!

purplg8r said...

Wow! I grew up on Chocolate Crinkles (we call them chocolate Pixies)....but I thought they were something my mom made up! Aren't they amazing!

Iva said...

Chocolate Crinkles are so yum yum yummy!!

Amanda said...

The cookies looks scrumptious right now :)

Keg Design said...

Hi Teresa, hope you and the hubby had a wonderful holiday. I have a random question for you (or anyone that might know) do you get your links (in the sidebar) so each one opens in a new window? Is there an easy fix (button?!) for this, or does it involve HTML coding? Any help would be much appreciated!! :)