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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was tagged by Veiled Vows a number of weeks ago, and with the a recently compiled list of random facts about myself for facebook, there is no longer a respectable reason to procrastinate. So, here goes:

10 Random Facts -
1. My least favorite sound in the world is bird wings flapping. Unfortunately, I live in a city with more pigeons than people.
2. My most favorite sound in the world is David's key in the door.
3. I speak to my mother on the phone between 2 and 5 times a day... everyday.
4. I had two imaginary friends growing up, "Chuckcha" and "Himba." Eventually, I grew tired of everyone constantly asking me about them and started telling people that the big wheel that they had been traveling on was struck by a car, killing them both instantly.
5. I wish I watched less reality tv and read more books.
6. I speak about my life in terms of B.D. and A.D. (before David and after David)
7. I hate cats. I mean truly despise everything about them. Once again, to make that clear, I abhor them. (I'm also slightly suspicious of cat owners.)
8. Despite complaining about NYC on a regular basis, there is nowhere in the world that I would rather live. When the possibility of a suburban future is as much as mentioned I break out in hives and have a full panic attack.
9. I would skip real food all day long in favor of candy and dessert. My addiction to sugar is debilitating and all consuming.
10. When I met David I was engaged to someone else (gasp). He was a kind and wonderful person, but completely wrong for me. We should have never pretended to be anything more than friends. The night that I met David I thought to myself "Oh my god, this is the feeling everyone has talked about!" Within days I had devoted myself completely and totally to this new relationship and I have never looked back. Some people think that what I did was insensitive or immature, but I think it was the bravest and best decision I could have ever made.

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