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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Very soon after my engagement, as I was just discovering the vast world of bridal blogging, I discovered and fell a little bit in love with Kristina of a lovely morning. Clearly you must already know her, right? She seems to have celebrity status in this world of all things wedding.

Her invitations totally inspired me and really kind of helped me decide on my wedding colors (black and white) and gave me a clear idea of the kind of invitations I had to have. I had been unsure whether or not letter press was truly worth the extra money, but after seeing her invitations I knewthis was non-negotiable. I became completely obsessed with the idea of placing some calligraphy within the invitation. Oh, and the black envelopes with the white printing.... perfection.

I decided that mine would have to be square in shape, and include our custom silhouettes at the top of the invitation. And, of course, envelope liners would be mandatory. I have been casually corresponding with someone to make my letter pressed dreams come true. But today, I discovered these guys on the Bella Figura website. Aren't they elegant?

I am waiting on a quote with all of the little extras that I am hoping for... I'll keep you posted.


Amanda B. Young said...

Ohhh I love that last one! Letterpress is just fabulous, isn't it?

Once A Bride said...

I had a b&w wedding, too. So simple and classic. Can't wait to see what else you come up with! Thanks for the comment today, too. :)

lovelymorning said...

oh, so nice! thank you!! i found letterpress to be non-negotiable too. :)