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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I love a long weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed the 4th!  We went to Connecticut for some much needed R&R. 
We partied with a celebrity, ate like fat people, watched some amazing fireworks and and spent lots of time with our puppy.  She is the most precious thing ever and I have to keep reminding myself not to treat her like a baby.  Is that weird? 


Morgan said...

She pretty much is the cutest thing!

Rachel said...

Lola is so stinkin' cute!
How fancy of you to hang out with Sofia over the weekend!

Maggie said...

Sofia Vergara... no way! I have such a crush. You've got to tell that story. (STILL crushing on your adorable pup, too!)

Rachel said...

Its been almost a month since your last post. I guess that new baby of yours is keeping you busy!

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In weekend number of works are finished so I love too for a long weekend.

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