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Friday, February 19, 2010

"I wear the feathers in my relationship,"

On "The View" this week, Victoria Beckham shared her thoughts on the costumes of some of the male skaters.  She insisted there was "nothing good" about their over-the-top costumes.  "If David came home dressed like that - could you imagine? Terrible."

(I am obsessed with Johnny Weir, (not so) secretly wishing we were BFFs.)

In an unexpected turn of events, I find myself completely disagreeing with Ms. Vicki Beckham. I don't think this has ever happened before.  Typically I die for her style, her husband, even that tiny little bobble-headed body of hers...  But this time, she's got it all wrong.  This is skating!  These are the Olympics!  These boys are allowed some pizazz!  Lighten up, Victoria.  I adored every last sequin, tassel and feather.  Every sailor outfit, farmer get-up and bizarre skeleton suit.  Amen.


Blicious said...

haha i think some can be a little over the top but it is the Olympics! lol


maorinette said...