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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Viva Las Vegas?

I had high hopes for Sin City... but, I mainly spent the weekend choking on second hand smoke and feeling terribly old.

Ummmmm, people smoke indoors in Las Vegas. How come no one told me this? I was incredulous, walking around all weekend wondering aloud "how can people be allowed to smoke inside?" and "does everyone in this town smoke?"

We attended a male revue... against our will, I might add. I am pretty convinced that our bachlorette was the only one there without a tiara, lingerie and a blow up doll.

Let me just sum up the experience by sharing a scene from the evening:

An Australian "dancer" jumps up on a nearby table and pours a beer all over himself. He jumps down from the table and approaches us.

I am in a panic that either he or the beer dripping from his body (which we are convinced is carrying the herpes virus) will touch us. I begin to scream and scramble to seek cover under the table as the bachlorette screams at me "never show them fear!!"

I did enjoy the hell out of bloody marys by the pool though...


Future Mrs. H said...

Bloody Marys by the pool sounds fabulous - sweaty half naked men dripping with STDs...not so much fun...hahaha

You are my fave... said...

Yikes! Men's junk hanging out and beer body pourage is not my fave.

Brittany-FortheLoveofBrides said...

hahahah! I hate Vegas and I thought I was the only one! I don't get the appeal-and I'm only 26. It just seems silly to me unless you are a HIGH HIGH roller and can do it up right.

Emilia Jane said...

This has nothing to do with these men's junk but did you ever get your goods from superior rings?

un-bride said...

Ah, Vegas. I "sadly" got there just after my sister & the rest of her bridal brigade left that exact show.

And yes, the smoke is disconcerting. I mean, you can't smoke in pubs in the UK anymore, for god's sake!