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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So, I've been in hiding. Not really hiding as much as just not that much to say, I guess.
Working a lot, which means that I feel guilty every time I think about blogging instead of working.
Anyway, so much of the imminent wedding stuff is done...Honestly, I've crossed most things off my list.
One thing that has been stressing me is the cost of rooms in NYC. $250/night at the BEST WESTERN? Say what?
Of course, my mother is in a full panic hearing these prices and keeps telling me that "no one will come" to my wedding with hotels priced like this... As if I decided on the pricing! Anyway, I'll keep looking, and praying that something cheaper comes along. Wish me luck!


An Atlanta Bride said...

I love NYC...{don't like the cost of staying there but I like everything else!}....and those who love you wont miss your wedding for anything...including shelling out $$$$ for a few nights stay at The Best Western :)

Sarah said...

Can you block a few nights off for a cheaper rate?

Another possibility is for people to come together to rent out furnished apartments for a weekend or week. My building has a room that can be rented out for $100 a night. I'm sure other buildings in the city have similar rooms.

Nicole said...

You have been tagged for the Fabulous Blog Award! xo Nicole

Once A Bride said...

No worries--my friend just had her wedding in cabo and 50 people came (that's $400 or so for the flight, $300 a night for the hotel, plus gifts, etc.) NYC is one of those places that people want to go to and will make a vaca out of it. Don't sweat it. :)